Founder Josh Blaize has been in the event industry for almost 20 years, and has become one of the most trusted event producers in Miami.


OPS is a full-service event experience, management and logistics company that has expertise in event conception, design, marketing, production, development, and execution from start to finish. Making our home in Miami, OPS produces a multitude of events including lifestyle, culinary festivals, and conferences. 

OPS has the knowledge that is required to produce events of all sizes. We help our clients and partners navigate through event logistics such as city permitting, building, and operations, as well as developing one-of-a-kind experiences to ensure every event is innovative. 

With a team of professionals with various backgrounds, OPS provides a unique perspective for every project. The combined team has expertise in event production, site management, program management, marketing & public relations, creative development and media production. 


Founder, CEO

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Joshua Blaize

Aka Event Ninja


The OPS Crew


Kathryn Weston
Event Guru


Luis Muñoz
Media Guru


Bridget Blaize
Marketing Guru